I got the prettiest nicest card EVER today! And you were on it... and you... and you... you were ALL on it!! Except you, Becca, cuz that would mean you had transported yourself back to Atlanta and I think I would have heard about it if you had managed that one. But seriously guys, thanks!! You rock!!! It's currently on display next to my UCoG picture that we took on Allan Night. :-)

Also, if Teija hasn't told the rest of you yet, I've just bought plane tickets and will be in Atlanta from late on Dec 30th through early on Jan 4th!! UuuuuuCooooog Reuuuuuunion!!!

Newcastle told me to say hello and that it misses you all and wonders when you're going to visit it next. Londis says its business is suffering without you, pet, Northumbria University says "THE LIBRARY WILL CLOSE IN 30 MINUTES" extremely loudly, and the Civic Centre says "*OMINOUS GLOW*"


wtf mate? when did the page change? hahaha

an oldie but a goodie

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you guys remember this? :)

Happy Labor Day.


i just wanted to say i'm REEEEAALLY excited that we're having a UCoG night tomorrow!

that is...if we are still having a UCoG night tomorrow.

because we should be.

and I'M EXCITED! :)

i was tired of mumbling through this part

You wanna prowl
Be my night owl?
Well take my hand we're gonna howl
Out tonight

actually took the time to look it up, teija. here it is. :)

stupid paper

i decided to make an icon instead of writing. and let me just tell you i know the iPod shit has been way overdone...but i thought of this a little while after i started seeing all the iHermione blobs and stuff that looked rediculous...thought this might be funny. and if this has been done already, then please let me know...but i think it's cute and i've been wanting to do it for a while...lemme know what you think :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

GIP - just for you...

i made this one just for you guys...i thought you might like it.

ahhh the good ol' days. well, at least now we have the good...new days...right?

who's excited about Oral Sex History tomorrow?

UCoG here we go!

Howdy ho! Who all is coming to my apartment tomorrow?? Remember it is 6:30-7ish (I'll be home by 6:30 but 7:00 might let you avoid most of the bad 285 traffic). I don't feel like starting up a whole new internet explorer window, so I'll just copy-paste directions to my house under here )

Any questions, call my cell, 404-285-0493. Hope to see you all there!

UCoG meeting next week!

Hi everyone!! In case you haven't been keeping track, this next week it's my turn to host the UCoG meeting! That's right, that means that not only will I be there the WHOLE time, but you guys get to come to my neck o' the woods (Westsiii-iiide!)! My dad will be in town and staying at the apartment Tues-Thurs, so I was wondering if Monday be OK for everyone?? There is an Olive Garden literally a stone's throw from me, I mean like we'd be silly not to just walk there, or we could do something else if we wanted to instead, there's at least one of just about every restaurant franchise within 5-10 minutes of here. We could meet at perhaps 6:30-7:00ish? I live like right at the NW corner of I-285 and I-75 on Cobb Pkwy in Smyrna, email me and I'll give you the full directions. Hope to see you all there!!


heeyyy i just wanted to get some feedback on the first few icons i've been making since i got photoshop from Frozen-Tundra last night....didnt want to post them all public-like so i thought i'd do it here where my friends could give me some constructive criticism. btw i know that the two palin ones ended up kind of having the same format...but i'm working on that...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com




ok gripey mcgripersons...here's your officially unofficial UCOG-Only invitation to das haus von manda for tomorrow night. i have softball practice tomorrow but i may or may not go. i don't want you guys to have to go out too late in the evening. i'll leave highly informative messages on your cell phone voicemails tomorrow (if you don't answer) when i call around 1:00 and let you know whether or not i'm going to practice. i'm just going to call la capitana del team-o and ask her how necessary it is for me to go.

anyway so yeah. tomorrow. mine haus. i don't know why i'm on this german kick today...maybe it's because i'm working for the office supply nazis.

so food? sarah suggested Panera but the closest one is at Gwinnett Mall...so maybe not so much. there's a chili's right by my house (if no one is sick of it) AND a Red Lobster right next to the chilis (and i haven't had Red Lobster in a looonnnng time). so you guys lemme know what you want to do.

ps. oh and teija, soooo sorry i forgot the Adobe last week, can you bring it tomorrow? danke!!

Oh NO they didn't!


I am still in shock. Shock and awe over the book. I need Book 7 like now. RIGHT NWO PEOPLE.

I can't wait until we hang out on tuesday so that we can discuss it to pieces.

*back to beginning it again*

our band.

By limitedbythesky

sister suffragettes Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 9th August 2012
Best Album: 'Select Thewless Crustier Mouchoir Frottage' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Yammered Cymene Subhuman Pomade Foaling Else' 9/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 4th January 2011.)
Records Sold: 222,870 in total (99,566 albums, 123,304 singles).
Reputation: Obscure
Groupies: mymanbag reportedly beat whisperwords to within an inch of their life after the sister suffragettes keyboardist refused to let him play the guitar on one of their singles. sarberry and gandalflives were more than happy to compensate for any ill feelingS.
Other'Lode Scaliest Muring Cager' was denied airplay on MTV after the stations producers labeled the track as the most pretentious, worthless pile of shite since Paul McCartney's last solo single.

sister suffragettes Member Profiles


High pitched, utter, off key shite. No we're not talking about Thom Yorke. We're on about senzatema!


In order to portray their anti-vegetarian sentiments publicly, sarberry used to use a live chicken as a
guitar pick.

Constantly out of tune and rhythm, gandalflives is definitely a candidate for 'Best Two Fingered Bassist' in
the music industry.

sourlemonade's time signatures were so obscure that at one point Radiohead were trying to poach him. This was before they released that sourlemonade was just shite at keeping time.

whisperwords posesses the unique ability to detune pianos by simply looking at them.

Single Releases

# Title Date
19 Troilite Signora Sep 2005
23 Wiggles Cimices Spanners Toothier Upborne Oct 2005
35 Tensions Campion Bearskin Protest Dec 2005
76 Berms Bulimiac Carbon Mitres May 2007
75 Bricole Chaqueta Jul 2007
62 Tidal Yucked Gobble Knaur Epitaxic Enduro Oct 2007
39 Pulsed Habits Insanity Volvas Preanal Lights Nov 2007
63 Busting Feb 2009
N/A Lode Scaliest Muring Cager Mar 2009
N/A Amounted May 2009
N/A Pyrrolic Spandril Thrash Stodged Cassavas Jul 2009
50 Swinking Pitcher Nov 2010
23 Yammered Cymene Subhuman Pomade Foaling Else Jan 2011
22 Fringe Mar 2011
19 Czars Plenches Lucifer Gramps Jun 2011

Album Releases

# Title Date
21 Select Thewless Crustier Mouchoir Frottage Jun 2005
36 Goos Mar 2007
40 Outraved Nov 2008
91 Crimper Posset Nonpasts Rebop Aug 2010

northern ireland's worst

you didn't see because you didn't WISH to see....AHHH.

oh simple thing, where have you gone?
i'm getting old and i need something to rely on.
so tell me when you're gonna let me in
i'm getting tired and i need somewhere to begin

and if you have a minute why don't we go
talk about it somewhere only we know.
this could be the end of everything
so why don't we go somewhere only we know.


i'm starting a word-count post thread. maybe it'll inspire us and make us all feel a little better. i'm going to reply with mine. :)